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Interior designer price in Luxembourg

The approach of Interior Creative Studio in Luxembourg : Transparent pricing, affordable decorative layouts, and personalised extras.

Unveiling Transparent Pricing at Interior Creative

At Interior Creative, we take pride in our transparent pricing model that sets us apart in the realm of interior design.


Our approach involves providing clients with creative designers who specialise in quality furniture brands.


From the initial sketch to the final realisation, the expertise of our designers ensures the seamless integration of high-end furniture into your interior architecture.


What makes our pricing model distinctive is that the cost of this expertise is fully integrated into the purchase of your furniture, providing you with a clear and straightforward understanding of the investment.

Affordable Excellence - Decorative Plans and Layouts

In our commitment to making exceptional interior design accessible, we offer affordable pricing for additional services.


The creation of decorative plans or the layout of your space is a crucial aspect of our design process.


What sets us apart is that this service is structured to be budget-friendly, with a cap at 1500 euros per room.


This transparent and fixed pricing ensures that you can enhance the aesthetics of your living spaces without any unwarranted surprises.

Tailored Extras - Showroom Accompaniment for Personalized Choices

At Interior Creative, we understand that the finer details make a significant difference.


To cater to your specific needs, we offer optional, personalized services such as showroom accompaniment.


If you desire expert guidance in selecting elements like doors, windows, flooring or bathroom items, this service is available on demand at an extra cost.


This flexible approach allows you to tailor our services to your unique preferences, ensuring a personalized and enriching interior design experience.

Let's discuss your project 

Experience the expertise of Interior Creative Studio's interior architects during an initial discovery call, where you can benefit from the advice of one of our designers.


Based on your builder's plans, we analyze potential layouts for your most important rooms.

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