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Why an interior designer is "a must" when buying off-plan in Luxembourg

Studies reveal, though, that a well thought interior with optimised space utilisation can have an impact of 10 to 15% on price at resale. Given the current real estate market prices in the Grand Duchy, this aspect should not be overlooked!  

Optimising the surface. No square metres should be lost!

A designer will first make sure the floor maps of your future home fit your specific needs and life style, making also sure your rooms and spaces are properly sized.

Too large corridors, lack of storage spaces, or confined bathrooms are some of the most common failings our designers have to rework.

When it comes to making sure your home spaces are well thought to suit your every day life, the expertise of an interior designer can never be underestimated.

The touch of a designer. Details matter!

As you would expect, a designer also cares for the decoration of your house or apartment. 

Well designed decorative niches, double ceiling or mood lighting can have a significant impact on the final look and feel of your house. It would be a mistake not to consider them. In most cases, these design adjustments will not cost you much... as long as the instructions are precisely and timely provided to your builder.  

A successful interior is characterised by this fine combination of optimised spaces and exquisite personalised design... This is what makes you feel your home has something special in comparison to the others... This is what our designers can bring to your future home!

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Living room design
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