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lighting specialist project luxembourg

The choice of your lighting solutions is key to the success of your interior design project

lighting specialist project luxembourg
lighting specialist project luxembourg

Your partner in Luxembourg to assist you in the choice of your lighting solutions

Our lighting specialists assist you in the design of a customised lighting plan for your new build or your renovation project in Luxembourg. 


A large choice of decorative lighting solutions among the collections of our high-end partner brands that enables us to design for you a comprehensive lighting project.

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Chandeliers and spotlights

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Stand alone lamps

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Mounted lighting solutions

The Benefits of Working with the Interior Creative Studio on Lighting Design

When it comes to lighting design for a residential house or apartment, an interior designer can be an invaluable resource.


Not only can we help choose the right lighting fixtures and decorative items, but we can also provide expert advice on lighting design and placement.

Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures

Choosing the right lighting fixtures is a critical component of lighting design.


We help homeowners navigate the vast array of options available, from pendant lights and chandeliers to wall sconces and table lamps.


We identify fixtures that meet the functional needs of the space, such as providing adequate task lighting or highlighting a specific area of the room.


We also help select fixtures that complement the overall design of the space, whether it's a sleek and modern design or a more traditional aesthetic.


We finally advise on how to incorporate lighting decorative items, such as lampshades or lighted artwork, to add interest and depth to the space.

Maximizing Natural Light in a Space

While artificial lighting is an important aspect of lighting design, natural light can also play a significant role.


The Interior Creative Studio helps homeowners maximise natural light in their space by selecting window treatments that allow for natural light to enter the room while maintaining privacy and reducing glare.


We can also recommend finishes and materials that reflect and amplify natural light, such as light-coloured walls and floors or mirrors strategically placed to reflect sunlight.


By taking advantage of natural light sources, we advise homeowners on how they can reduce their reliance on artificial lighting and create a more comfortable and inviting space.

Discover the lighting brands we enjoy working with

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Lighting Store Luxembourg
Lighting Store Luxembourg
Lighting Store Luxembourg
Lighting Store Luxembourg
Lighting Store Luxembourg
Lighting Store Luxembourg

Lighting Specialists Luxembourg

Address: 286, rue de Luxembourg L4222 Esch-sur-Alzette
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