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What is the price of a custom-made wardrobe in Luxembourg?

A custom-made wardrobe in Luxembourg typically costs between 1800 euros and 2500 euros per linear meter, depending on the selected finishes (doors, accessories, etc.) and the complexity of the installation

Our price range


Estimated Budget : 

Between 1400€ et 1800€ per linear meter

No brand

Matte melamine doors, choice of colors

Built-in hangers and drawers


Estimated Budget : 

Between 1800€ and 2000€ per linear meter


Lacquered doors with integrated handles

Customizable hangers and accessories


Estimated Budget :

More than 2500€ per linear meter


Glass or lacquered doors, recessed lighting

High-quality accessories and finishes

Wardrobe Design
Wardrobe Design

... A dressing always looks better when it blends in with the architecture and harmony of a space...

Wardrobe Design
Wardrobe Design
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Our recommendations

Our Studio's recommendations on the aspects to pay attention to when analyzing a price quote for a custom-made wardrobe dressing

1. Ensure the quality of the wardrobe's structure

The fronts, uprights, and shelves make up what is called the structure of your wardrobe. It is important to ensure their quality. It is not always easy to evaluate the quality of a front or an upright based on a simple quote or even a sample.


Make sure to check the composition of the uprights. A wood veneered or solid wood front is of better quality than a simple melamine front (pressed wood particles).


Thickness is also a good way to verify the quality of a wardrobe structure. A solid wardrobe has shelves and uprights that are at least 19mm thick. Some wardrobe manufacturers even offer uprights that are 25mm thick to ensure a truly robust structure.

Finally, the backs of the wardrobe should not be neglected. Even if they are the least visible part of the wardrobe, if the backs are too thin, they risk becoming damaged very quickly and you will see it every time you open your wardrobe.

2. Make sure of the quality of the wardrobe's mechanisms

What we call the mechanisms of a wardrobe, are all the hardware elements that allow the use of the wardrobe.


The opening mechanisms of the doors and the sliding mechanisms of the drawers are very important. They are solicited every time you use the wardrobe, so it is important to ensure their quality.

In the field of wardrobe hardware, there are reference brands, such as the German manufacturer Blum. The majority of the biggest wardrobe brands source their hardware from them.

3. Ensure the quality of the installation

When it comes to creating a beautiful custom wardrobe, the quality of the installation is just as important as the wardrobe itself.


Make sure that the offer for your wardrobe includes delivery and complete installation by skilled professionals.

A team of carpenters will undoubtedly be more competent than a simple installer when it comes to creating custom fittings.


Integrating a custom wardrobe into a room often requires some on-site adjustments.


Who better than a true specialist in custom furniture will be qualified to take care of this?

Short of inspiration to design your wardrobe?

Meet with an Interior Creative designer to help you imagine your custom wardrobe project.

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